A Reason For Every Season…

A reason

It’s damn hard when we are faced with uncertainties,but it is the truth,an eternal certainty of life.It is oft easy to accept this fact if we were ‘looking back’, easy to advice if we were ‘looking ahead’, but hardest if we were trying to do it in the ‘now’ and ‘here’.Is it cowardly to give up? Is it foolish to fight on? should I have done something than just standing still? are questions for which answers are only arrived in hindsight…but after a good amount of ‘cellaring’this moment too starts maturing and making sense.

The truth is there is no moment in any life which is ‘meaningless’ or ‘purposeless’. .And whatever that moment makes you do, it’s a choice life makes for you and you change. Life is an amalgamation of these ‘changes’…   At times, not taking onus and saying, “what did that moment change in me?” is a better way of reflecting than taking onus and saying, “why did I do that?”. In the former the reflection is more inward.It doesn’t raise complaints on the action but ponders on how the action made one feel and evolve. Perhaps the greatest challenge is not the process of healing but identifying “that” which would start the healing process.

Why ‘change for good’ is applauded and ‘a change for bad’ is criticized? Who decides what’s good and what’s bad? Why should we always be at the centre stage as actors and “life” the spotlight which just makes our presence felt? let’s swap places! let’s have the courage to place “life”as the actor at the center stage and we turn into spectators viewing and reflecting, assimilating and changing… then there are no actions, just moments…there are no ‘rights’ and ‘wrongs’,  just experiences…there are no ‘success’ and ‘failure’,  just depth of character… no anxiety, no guilt, no triumph… just a sense of ‘being’…

Like the bird in the image, none will ever know if the bowed head they see is a ‘fight’,a ‘submission’, a ‘helplessness’ or a ‘prayer’… let’s not focus on the action but be mindful of the change,the clicking and unlocking…

Every moment has a purpose: lusciously savor it; because ugly or good, this moment too shall pass…


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