I Feel like God…

godI felt like God…

unappreciated,used and exhausted…I know that in today’s world I am not the only one who feels this way.One might even think, ‘so big deal, what’s so different happening with her?’ the only difference is I chose to pen it down… 🙂 Yes this is not the first time it is happening with me.Unfortunately I feel this may not be even the last time…I feel bad well I purposely didn’t use the term miserable…It’s a kind of ‘cooled off’ sense of feeling miserable.. The willingness to help the project work out, the commitment shown,the amount of effort put into raise the event to a set standard, the pain of parting with your own ideas and seeking help of others to execute it, extra time put in due to scarcity of resources, precious time taken up from other factors to invest xtra time into this…all seems so futile now… no positive no negative feedback…its as if people just looked through the whole thing!First i was desparate,then angry,then frustrated at last i cried as my husband held me…felt so lucky to have him…I felt like a teenage girl who felt adventourous at some pointin her life… forgot all about her family… sneaked out of home to roam around the world… mistreated and tired she comes back and finds solace in the arms of her unquestioning, unreproachful family of hers…Then i thought of the hundreds of talented,committed people, the 20%of  any organisation who are left unappreciated every day of their professional life.Finally my thoughts paused at God! Yes… he might have gone through all the phases… He too would have cried in desperation…his tears that fell as rain drops the devotees ignored…He might have become angry…created storms,cyclones… but might have soon felt guilty of what He was doing…and finallyHe too might have reached my state and come up with His world famous quote, “Karm kar manav, phal ki iccha mat kar’ After that He might have looked down at the 20% and had a hearty laugh!!!

No wonder often we feel like God!


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