Rains,Romance and Rogues…

She has always been called the greatest mysteries of Mankind.Men break their heads to find out what excites her, what is the one thing which is absolutely irresistable for her? But men being men they only break their heads,they might revere her, marvel her her,some might even snub her or analyse her.But how many do what she wants them to- SEE her?

The things she says she loves, are not as important as what those things symbolise for her.when a woman says,’I love him, he gifted me diamonds!’ you could almost hear the men sneering,’ ah! vain women! how they value diamonds over a man’s heart… ‘. No wonder men could never unravel her mystery! she loves diamonds; but what she absolutely treasures is the man who, by giving it to her, made her realise that she is more valuable to him than the stones and he is ready to spent his hard earned pennies  on bringing a smile to her face. Trust her to have the same glow if you were to give her a tiny red rose from your neighbours garden!

So what does a woman find irresistable?I have a list of 3:

#Rains: How many of us could stop ourselves by getting drenched in the rain as children?Paper boats, puddles, moms screaming to get back to house… Might be a part of every woman doesnot outgrow that phase.Her heart still nurses that child, no matter how old she grows. Rains are her constant companion. It’s her friend with whom she shares her first love, feels his love drenching her…eager to meet her skin and engulf in sweet promises…It’s with the rain that she shares her sorrows, her heart breaks, for it cries along with her… She shares her moments of loneliness… with a cup of hot tea and a soothing melody, she watches the rain beat against her window panes…she shares her moments of nostalgia, of new found love, the tension of romance passing through soaked bodies huddled together in a train… A woman loves rains and what it stands for, a beautiful inconvenience, like everything in life… Think about it… can you tell me one thing you posses in life which you can vouch for an say will not cause you pain sometime in your life? A man might discard it or ignore it. But the problem with a woman is she seeks them out, she awaits them and she embraces it … for she loves beutiful inconveniences…

#Romance: Ah!I am just the right person to talk about romance.Even at the age of 90 you may catch me hiding a Mills and Boons under my pillow (i believe half the excitement is in the secrecy! ). But that’s not what I mean by romance here. Every woman,every moment of her life locks within her limitless love and unsatiable passion.At her younger years if it’s for a man…latter it might be for a family…or a community or  a cause or even a Nation. But she is extremely passionate about what she loves… she sees her love in everything she does, where ever she goes, what she chooses, how she prepares herself, and she does it with all her heart. That’s why its difficult for a woman to break hearts and betray/mess up things. She is so much a part of her romance that she would break herself in the process of breaking her love’s trust.Com’mon, how many great classics in the genre of love/romance has been written by men?

#Rogues: If you were to take a poll and assure that the voters identity would remain utmost secret,I can bet that 99% of women at one point or the other (don’t forget that there might be some who do it all the time) have fallen for a rogue. How can a woman not fall for dangerous, mysterious, unattainable,carefree,unbridled,scandalous, touch- me -get- burnt- in- the- most- pleasant- way kind of men? A woman might LIKE quiet,  intelligent men.She would LOVE  a mature, sensible intelligent man who speak less to others. BUT, she would find irresistable, an intelligent man, who seldom entertains others and has a smile with,’GO to hell for all that I care’ look in their eyes.They like men who are well mannered to the attention of  beatiful ladies around them but have that way of looking at you, across crowded halls,with eyes that says, ‘ if you think this is how I love, wait till I take you in my arms’… for some reason the look reminds her of wilderness, untamed landscapes,dusty unknown paths in sultry afternoons and hot springs… nothing convenient or ordinary but exotic, adventurous, unique and something the soceity would not expect her to do.something she would have to DARE!