A ‘sight’ that sighs not…

 It’s strange how, at times when you talk to others, thoughts, ideas that you never guessed were rooted within you flows out. I surprised myself,  after an ‘unburdening’ session, that friends exercise their explicit rights on.

Why do relations not satisfy us? why do people near and dear to us often let us down? why do people you trust most leave you when you need them the most ? If these questions have ever come to your mind then I am sure people involved in arousing these questions in your mind have been many a times the center point of what you consider as your life’s biggest ‘crisis/self doubt’ moments. Before you read on, decide whether you want a simple easy to fix solution or adopt a more ‘revolutionising the thinking of common man around you’ approach. if your choice is the latter, stop reading any further.I have never been quite good at bringing about revolutions, so i am no authority to give you clues there. But if your choice is the former, I shall share with you what, my heart shared with a very dear friend of mine.

when you choose to trust someone,go ahead and implicitly place your trust, but WITH YOUR EYES CLOSED!  what you see around you is often what YOU want to see.that’s why an old melody can bring a smile to you and the same melody can, at another time,  make you weep at all that you have missed in life . The melody or the setting has not changed but your perception of the melody has changed.Let me clarify further with a more relevant example: It is the same reason  why you would be ready to kill yourself to get the guy you love one moment and you would be ready to kill yourself for thinking so when he hurts you. The guy has not changed but YOUR perception of him has…

When you say,’my friend will stand by me, come what may’, you are not voicing your friend’s nature but YOUR trust in her. Again, YOUR perception. If she doesn’t, why is she to be blamed? YOU chose to place your trust in her,YOU always had the freedom of choice.

Remember,except the relation you have with your parents every other relation you make, is a choice you make and hence its success or failure is , whether you like it or not, YOUR CHOICE!

So next time you fall in love,next time you make a friend, next time you steal glances at your crush, next time you hug your mom, do it with closed eyes. Accept what people are and ask only what they give… don’t let your perceptions make images of a person you want them to be.Then it will not break your heart, if they don’t succed in meeting it.

Think of it; the most sacred,pure actions are often done with eyes closed,implicit trust placed,no conditions attached,  or assurances of never dying supply and certainly not a promise of forever after: an infant suckling at its mother’s breast, a sincere prayer, your first kiss,your most cherished dreams, your moments of sincere repentence, a drop of water as it courses its way through your parched throat on sultry afternoon…

you might feel its easy said than done,how can a mere mortal love and not expect to be loved…

Well… darlings  my ‘love affair’ is still on , between an innocent me and my spirited thoughts… I am trying and have been able to stay afloat, sometimes… with some people… but that’s the whole point… IT IS DAMN DIFFICULT!

But, whosoever told you that life is a smooth sail is, trust me, a complete ‘jackass’…


One thought on “A ‘sight’ that sighs not…

  1. Love it! I am so glad you came across my blog because that has brought me to yours. I am moved and so surprised by how similar your thoughts are to mine! 🙂 Very happy to connect!:)
    I just read your post on “Dad” and strangely, that too speaks my story.
    And your comment ” How strange that human emotions all speak the same thing” – Wow! 😀 Lovely observation. Do connect on fB! I still don’t know your name:) Warm wishes.

    p.s. I am sharing your blog on my wall and facebook page: https://Facebook.com/alwaysovertea.com

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