Do tears have a soul?

I don’t know why in life everything has to be a beautiful inconvenience? I had always wanted an arranged marriage, safe,settled family,a strong husband…when destiny made me fall in love,I quickly re-routed my plans… thought, what greater joy than building a life together? sweat and love,brick by brick…

now years later, life is at yet another crossroads…nothing that I ever do is right…I have no time for husband,son or anyone else in the family…they accuse me for being obssesed with my carreer… at office i am only making excuses to squeez time for my family…I don’t enjoy my work… i am never happy because what i have in my hands now are not the same that i wanted when i started my life…

every day, it is a struggle to balance a work that demands taking care of hundreds of kids in my care and a family which has only me to take care.God!!! love hurts!!! A man can NEVER understand a woman leave alone LOVE like her.

These days I just hug my son tight and cry myself to sleep… what a lousy hopeless mom…god people should never make kids unless they are stinking rich and are settled… There are even times when I have thought I will take him and run away and show people you can bring up kids with the bare minimum finances and heaps and heaps of love and togetherness…but why don’t I just say all this to him? you will not understand… its a matter of soul… my right might hurt his soul his right might cause my soul to bleed our wrongs ,i am afraid might ruin the soul of a beautiful relation that we cherish… life gal!who said was simple…its the same strange love story this ‘dangerously handsome man(my thoughts) if expressed might hurt or even destroy the innocent girl(me and my loved ones)’ so let it be the way it is…


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