Y change me…?

Life is all about moments.Moments when i doubted myself… when nothing’s the way it should be. You feel life, like a fist full of sand, sifts through your clenched fists.More and more you lose the tighter you try to hold…Then I tell myself ‘why not change me’…why be different? why fight?why strive to carve a niche? why not let go…let it be…

Moments when the free spirit in me awakens…when nothing’s going the way I want it to but still I feel one with the universe… when the spirit in me is so light it almost lets me soar great heights…I feel nothing and everything….I tell myself ‘why the hell change me?’…why not be different?why not be weird?why not be passionate?why not break…dare…set free…? one life… one moment… one me then Y change me…?

I am in love… in love with a quaint me… and this blog is a love story between an innocent girl(me) and a free spirited courageous man(my thoughts)… read and experience the desperation,the passion,the triumphs,the tribulations and the uniqueness… might be you will find one of yours too…


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